Our Philosophy

Our body is our temple.  You can be smart, funny, rich or beautiful but without your health you are going to struggle.  We know that eating right is an important pillar in healthy living.  In this increasingly busy world, eating well is a struggle.  Our sprouts are grown with this problem in mind, as they are washed in pure water over a 190 times so that when they are packaged, they are ready to eat.  Sprouts are the healthiest fast food you can find.   Whether you like a burger, sub, salad, wrap or a sandwich, all you need is to add some sprouts and you have a healthier meal.

It is our goal to produce the highest quality sprout while keeping food safety the highest priority.  In the past 30 years of growing green sprouts, we have never had a liability claim.  Since 1981, we have been committed to pushing the envelope in technology and acquiring the best equipment to give us a safe, high quality  sprout. We have constantly improved the conditions of our growing atmosphere through  Food Safety training, adding water purification systems, computerizing our watering systems, and the implementation of the most advanced microbial protection technology.  Today, we have two of the most technologically advanced sprouting operations in Canada.

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