Safe Plant-Based Nutrition

For the first time ever, the same natural substance that your body manufactures and deploys to fend off and kill pathogenic invaders has been replicated through a state of the art ecosystem found exclusively at the growing facilities of Inc in Brantford, Ontario.  The impossible task of seed sterilization, along with providing a hygienic growing environment, has been perfected without compromising the integrity and ‘life-giving’ probiotics in these little plants.

Sprouts sold under the labels Sunsprouts, Sprouts Alive are now one of the safest ‘super’ bioavailable raw foods you will ever eat, containing enormous health benefits. 

“When you sprout foods, you increase proteolytic enzymes that make both carbohydrates and proteins digestible. Sprouts can contain up to 100 times more enzymes than raw fruits and vegetables, allowing your body to extract more vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fats from the foods you eat.

Both the quality of the protein and the fiber content of beans, nuts, seeds and grains improves when sprouted. The content of vitamins and essential fatty acids increase dramatically during the sprouting process while minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, bind to protein, making them more bioavailable,” says Dr. Joseph Mercola, a leading natural health practitioner.

There are very few great ‘bioavailable’ foods grown locally that can be eaten fresh all year round worthy of our respect. Sadly, the same invisible micro-organisms that give life to these plants and enhance their nutritional value exponentially, have been despised and sacrificed, in our own ecosystem, through the use of antibiotics. They are our only natural means of defense from pathogenic attacks.

“The human system is not alone as an operating mechanism, we are shared, rented, occupied. The very interior of our cells are homesteaded by the mitochondria, small separate [self-sufficient] creatures. Except for them, we couldn’t even drum a finger, much less think a thought,” says Dr. Lewis Thomas in his book ‘The Lives of the Cel

Foods that are good for us will breakdown and sprouts are no exception.  Even though we have eliminated all contaminates on the outside of the sprout, the inside is still full of probiotics.   If your sprouts have started to break down, it doesn’t mean that they have any pathogens on them, it is just the natural course of a plants life.

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  •  Research shows that sprouts are super health boosters. The power of sprouting comes from the fact that the plant's highest nutritional value is as a sprout, decreasing as the plant matures. Sprouts contain abundant food enzymes which slow aging. They are "biogenic," living foods that transfer their vitality and renewal to you!
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Sprouts are a very delicate food. To ensure that your sprouts obtain their optimum taste and shelf life:

  • Keep refrigerated at 40C
  • Keep in crisper, away from any meat
  • Keep hydrated by misting, if necessary
  • Keep sprouts from being crushed