Keith Warriner PhD

Canada's leading food microbiologist

"The majority of cleaning agents in stores are made of organic acids, such as citric acid, which although smell nice, don’t really sanitize surfaces. Bleach is more powerful although generates cancer causing products, in addition to swimming pool odors. For the last four years, we have been performing research on the application of electrolyzed water for sanitizing food contact and non-contact surfaces. The results of our efforts has been to demonstrate that electrolyzed water can inactivate key pathogens such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes on a variety of surfaces without the accompanying chlorine odor associated with bleach", says Dr Keith Warriner PhD.

"I highly recommend 'Naturally Hygienic Food Sanitizer' as a healthy and effective way to keep your family safe".

We are against any and all preservatives, chemicals including any harmful sanitizers in our products because we consume these products daily ourselves. Our father started this business 39 years ago after being diagnosed with cancer and wanted to eat pure foods that had high nutritional value and were functional foods.  We have resisted using anything that would compromise the integrity of our sprouts.  
  CFIA- Canadian Food Inspection Agencies is the governing body for the sprouting industry and their responsibility is to protect the consumer against food borne pathogens.  They have mandated that all sprouts be sanitized.  We are the only grower that has researched and implemented a natural sanitizer that works in harmony with nature and our bodies.
There are NO harmful substances or any type of preservatives in our sanitizer (Naturally Hygienic Food Sanitizer), that’s what makes it so incredible!  This product works using ionized water which has a number of safe and effective property’s for killing food borne pathogens.  Naturally Hygienic Food Sanitizer is produced in a proprietary process that uses ionized water and sodium chloride (cooking salt).
Our revolutionary process complies with our mandated food safety directive without negative repercussions to the human body. 
There are hundreds of documents, over the last 100 years, that support and confirm the safety and benefits of ionized water and HOCL.  If you want to further understand this amazing product, Naturally Hygienic Food Sanitizer, go to Google and search ionized water / HOCl under “Google Scholar". 

 New Hygienic StatusThere has been a dramatic and revolutionary change in Food Safety at our sprouting operations as of August 2012. 
This new technology has allowed us to elevate our food safety to a new level. This new level is known as Hygienic
and was never thought to be attainable, until now.

Living Foods Canada,, and Sprouts Alive have implemented new groundbreaking technology from BioHygienic Solutions Inc. This technology as of January 2012, has the approval from CFIA as a hard surface sanitizer and a sanitizer for fruits, vegetables and meats, without needing a post rinse. Our technology gives us the tool to quantify the presence of bacteria, pathogens, molds and all microbials in any given area, at any given time by the simple, but precise reading of an Oxidizing Reduction Potential (ORP) meter. For the first time in our growing experience we now have the ability to ensure that the sprouts that we are packaging are free from pathogens.
In short, our sprouts are not packaged until each individual growing tray of sprouts has been tested and meets the ultimate "Hygienic" standard.

The product that we use is "Naturally Hygienic Food Sanitizer" by BioHygienic Solutions Inc. Look for this product, in the near future, in the produce isle of your local store or online at
Protect you family from unnecessary problems caused by microbials with